Jarno's birthday and a German guest

Party time again ..... Jarno got 14 today and I wanna say "Happy Birthday baby".

A bit sleepy while opening a little present at breakfast, because we already celebrated yours on Sunday 24th when it was DH's birthday. Since Jarno was born we celebrated both on his day. We had a lovely sunny day but unfortunate no pictures because my camera refused everything and now I know that I need to buy a new one because costs for repair are to much. For the time being I can use a camera of my parents.

This week we have a guest in the house. I told you a few months ago that Jarno was lucky to go to Germany on a school exchange. This week his German partner Tobias stays at our home. A busy week which started on Monday when the students arrived at 14.30 at the trainstation in Schagen. Walking and talking back to the GSg, having a drink and showing their school it was time to pick up Jarno and Tobias at 16.00. After a cup of tea and cola it was time to relax for a while .....

..... and maybe catch a fish for diner ..... LOL

Four days of fun and an overloaded programm but they wouldn't have missed a thing. There was a BBQ, going to the beach, time for shopping, visiting Alkmaar, bowling/eating and school things as well. Today it was already time to say goodbye.

The boys had a wonderful time and decided to meet up again this summer when we're planning to visit our family in Germany during the holiday.

Wish you all a very good weekend and thanks for visiting.

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Marjolein zei

Happy belated birthday for Jarno!!! Too bad that your camera died....hope you find a nice new one!

Pearl zei

Hey Mariska ,

Long time no scrap !

Hope all is well with you in life as well as scrappy wise !

Missed seeing your creations !


Elly zei

Hè, hè, daar ben ik ook weer eens! Als eerste natuurlijk nog gefeliciteerd met je zoon! Verder allemaal onwijs leuke foto's (mini albumpje????) van de uitwisseling. Spannend (tja, je weet maar nooit of het klikt, en dan ook nog de taal), maar wel een supergave ervaring!
Nog een fijne week!!!!!